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  • Web Design & Marketing
    Fifteen years of website design experience
    From business sites, to e-commerce sites, to personal sites, we offer our depth of experience, passion for design, and deep knowledge of web development and web marketing. SEO, Social Media Marketing and e-commerce are spoken and executed fluently here.

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  • Graphic Arts
    The graphic arts are in our DNA
    Book covers, CD covers, posters, illustrations, web graphics and other marketing materials.

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  • Video & Motion Graphics
    Video production, originality, digital steroids
    Video has become a necessary component of a good web site. But the "YouTubing" of web content makes it mandatory to go beyond the common place with your videos, if you want to get noticed. Beyond the common place is where we live and work all the time.

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  • Interactive Projects
    Bringing animation and interaction to the table
    When web content becomes interactive, magic takes place. Why not explore the interior of a National Park with the click of a mouse, or interact with the stats of your favorite ski area, or observe a 360 degree panoramic vista without turning your head. This is some of the magic we've created and we'd love to do the same for you.

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FEATURED CLIENT VIDEO: AwarenessDrive.org - LauerCreative: production, shooting, editing, special effects, sound & voice over

about lauer createive

LauerCreative is a web design, instructional design, video production, and graphic arts firm in Boulder, Colorado. We have a passion for instructional design and a knack for capturing and marketing our clients' visions. From small projects to large corporate ventures we execute with commitment, dedication and proven results. SEO, Social Media Marketing and e-commerce are also spoken fluently here.

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"We came to LauerCretive with some ideas, a message, and some great products. With Gregg's supervision and skills, we developed video productions, social media, and a very beautiful website. Gregg's understanding of web marketing is quite deep and is a real boon in this web-centric time. He is focused and easy to work with,
--David Tresemer, Ph.D.

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